Coy Dog

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coydogCoydogs (Canis latransare) are cross-breads between coyotes and dogs, as their name suggests.  In north eastern America, wild coydogs are fairly rare, though their biological cousin the coywolf is often mistakenly refferred to as a coydog.  


Coyotes will typically not mate with dogs, and are usually antagonistic toward them.  Natural hybridization of the two species almost only occurs when coyotes move into fresh habitat, and have no other mating option.  Even captive coyotes will typically reject mating with dogs.



Survival of the offspring is made difficult by the fact that dogs will not form pair bonds with coyotes.  Coydog pups are born fertile, and can breed successfully up to four generations.  That said, natural hybridization is thought to have occurred long before Europeans arrived in the Americas.  Melanistic (all black) coyotes have been genetically shown to have inherited their dark pelts from ancient dogs.  Dogs most likely brought to the Americas by the ancestors of Native Americans, over 10,000 years ago.