Looking Back at 2015




2015 Elections

This year we welcomed a new president; David Jackson to the chair. David has mentioned that improving club communications is one of his top priorities.  In the short time since he has taken office, he has helped to create a more professional atmosphere both at the club property, and during club meetings. 

Another addition to the board this year was Vernon Peabody. Vern's entire family does a tremendous amount of good for the Agawam Bowmen Club.  They are truly an asset, and we were happy to welcome Vern to the board.    

We also welcomed Joe Noonan, our certified instructor, to the board.  Joe continues to support the club through not only his stellar work ethic, but also his generous donation of all proceeds from lessons he gives at the club. For a complete list of all board members, please visit http://www.agawambowmen.org/index.php/board-of-directors  


Bowman 3D Shoots:

Aiming High for 2016

 Tradition archers attend a 3D shoot at Agawam Bowmen ClubThis year, the Bowmen Club was slated to host 4 3D-shoots in association with the Pioneer Valley Bowhunter League.  Unfortunately, our Easter shoot April 5th  was a wash.  Due to the melt off, and snow remaining at our club property, the parking area was a muddy mess.  For the fist time in a long time, we were forced to cancel. The other 3 shoots we hosted on May 10th (Mother’s Day), July 5th, and October 4th were all successful.  Our best shoot of the year was October 4th, and we hope to get another late-season shoot in the draw next year.  There has also been talk regarding picking up another shoot in 2016 in preparation of another possible cancellation next April. 

Vernon Peabody has proposed a new layout for our 3D course.  We have taken several trips through the property in an effort to map out the new course, but we have not settled entirely on any one plan.  The goal in making a new course is not only to create a fresh experience for  3D shooters, but to also make the journey more manageable for elderly and disabled patrons. 

We have taken steps recently to adjust the top-gun yardage and difficulty on many of the shots at the club.  We found that the closer ranges were causing more modern bows to pass-through our older targets, or burry arrows so deep that they were a hassle to pull.  Subsequently, we purchased more than a half-dozen new Rinehart targets including several posed deer, a turkey, and a snarling wolf.  These targets are more attractive, easier to manage, better at stopping arrows, and easier for shooters to pull arrows out of from any yardage.   


Bowmen on Tap

Our well water has been tested, and certified to be healthy, and potable.  We secured the highest quality rating from the Massachusetts DEPcertified lab we used, and we are now allowed to provide our guests and members with drinking water and hand washing stations.  We hope to add a fully functional bathroom to the large clubhouse in the coming year. Dave Jackson constructed two portable stations for hand and dish washing which were utilized and appreciated during our annual club pig roast. 

Getting On Trac

We managed to have our old work trucks removed from the property in lieu of using the tractor for hauling 3D targets out to their lanes.  Getting rid of the two trucks has opened a lot of space up in front of the garage, and improved the general look and feel of the clubhouse area. Jeffery Krause has repaired the carburetor on our tractor, and the tractor runs better than it has in a while. We're still experiencing issues with either the starter or the wiring to the starter, but once the tractor is started, it runs cleanly and efficiently. We hope to repair or replace the starter and wiring in 2016.  

Spring Cleaning

Efforts were made to tidy up around the club.  In addition to the two work trucks being removed, we also organized the garage in the large clubhouse.

Fin Scott, Terese O'Neil, and several other members worked hard to seal the deck on the small clubhouse.  They did a tremendous job, and their efforts vastly improved the overall look of the clubhouse.Joe Noonan constructed a very useful shelf system for our 3D targets, making them easier to see and get to.  Stacking the targets in the shelf system has doubled the usable space on the shop side of the garage.  Joe has been asked to continue the shelving to accommodate the remaining 3D targets, and once that is done we will be adding a small work station to the garage.

After freeing up the space from selling the brush hog, we were able to reposition the pig smoker, trailer, and tractor to make a substantial amount of room in the garage.  We hope to finish organizing the garage area and possibly bring back the pro-shop feel in 2016.   

Keeping the Club Secure

In the past, the Bowmen Club has suffered several break-ins, and the loss of some high dollar items including power tools and archery equipment.  Most recently, several cord of split wood, and many of our youth bows were stolen from the property. Due to the nature of our unwanted visitors, we have installed a security system on the club grounds.  Several notices have been posted in different locations to let visitors know this system was installed.  While we have collectively agreed that the footage will not be reviewed unless an issue arises, please be aware that when you are on club property you are being recorded.  We would like to mention that we know the vast majority of our members and visitors behave responsibly, and truly care for the well being of our property.  Thank you to those who care for the club and its prosperous future.

This security system was purchased with money from the sale of our unused fire-bat insulation.  Thank you to the Peabody clan for acquiring the insulation.   Hopefully, our security system will deter future crime and loss to our property, as the funds we save are much better purposed to provide a quality experience to our members and guests this coming year. 


The Undead

Our Zombie shoot was a great success this year! We had well over 20 shooters, and we received many compliments on the course and property.  While it did rain once again, nature was eventually amiable and gave way to a beautiful fall afternoon.

Through combination of kitchen sales, shooters, new membership sign-ups, and a coordinated birthday party during the shoot, we were able to almost triple last year’s fundraising. 
We will be reinvesting some of the funds into better decorations for the zombie shoot in 2016. 

October 30th was proposed for next year’s Zombie shoot date, but please check back for any possible changes.


Practice Makes Perfect

Improvements have been made to our tuning range near the small clubhouse. In the past, our practice course consisted of 4 targets ranging out to 30 yards.  By consolidating target bunkers, we managed to add two new ranges; a 42 yard target, and a 48 yard target to the range.  Thanks to Joe Noonan, Pam and Vern Peabody, and Bryan Johnson, all of the target bunkers on the practice course have been freshly banded, and the more dilapidated bunkers have been replaced.  Several trees were also removed to provide a more clear set of lanes, and to ensure good coverage of our exterior lighting.  Motion or timer-operated lighting has been proposed for 2016.


The Big E

The weather was surely against us this year, but we made do with what we had and overcame nature’s spitefulness as best we could. While the rain kept us from using a decorated trailer float this year, our president Dave Jackson was kind enough to let us use his fancy pickup truck for the annual parade at the Eastern States Exposition.  We managed to fit roughly 6 targets in the bed with a little excelsior and some archery equipment.   From the sounds of the exaltations coming from the children in the crowd, you wouldn’t have known we had issues.  Kids love dinosaurs, after all. Nevertheless, we have already begun making preparations for next year’s parade in 2016, and we are aiming to set a new standard in how the club commits to public relations.  


Pig Roast 2015

 Lauded as being one of the smoothest events the club has put on, our annual pig roastwas a huge hit this year.  Big thanks to Tom Faverau and the rest of the pig crew for your diligence, and cumulative culinary deliciousness.  

A HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors.  Without the support of so many generous local people like you, our club wouldn't exist. 

Many members donated amazing food for this year’s pig roast.  With the efficiency of the service and ice tables built by Dave Jackson, we were able to keep hot food flowing, and cold salads crispy.  The addition of a prep area and a hand washing station ensured that we were able to keep foods at safe temperatures, and stay sanitary to boot.

Once again, our entertainment was provided by the local progressive rock and alternative band- Mutual Abuse.  We look forward to welcoming them back , and may be adding a classic rock  band to the roster in 2016, as well.  

**The 2016 pig roast will be held August 20th**

The full article is available at http://www.agawambowmen.org/index.php/thank-you-to-our-sponsors


Looking ahead to 2016

All in all it was a great year for the Agawam Bowmen club.  While other club's members have been talking about a decline in their annual turnout, the Bowmen club has been seeing a steady improvement to our number of participants and patrons.  No doubt, this is likely due to the amazing members and supporters who continue to contribute their time, effort, and ideas year in, and year out.  Thank you.Our first meeting of 2016 will be held February 1st at the Southwick Public Library.  The meeting will commence at 6pm for board members, and 6:30pm for regular members, as always. We will be discussing and making some important amendments to our by-laws, as well as preparing for the 2016 b.o.d. elections, and issuing the prize for our annual big buck contest.   More information about the Big Buck can be found at http://www.agawambowmen.org/index.php/big-buck-contest 

Thanks again to all who contributed this year.  The club is continuing to get better, and it’s all your fault!


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Looking Back at 2015


We had an amazing 2015!  We put on some great events, had some great times, and met some really good people.  Feel free to take a look at our 2016 newsletter by clicking HERE.  If you'd like to sign up to receive a digital copy, please sign up on the left side of our HOME PAGE.