Thank You to our Sponsors

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What an epic event we put on this year!


The Agawam Bowmen club's annual pig roast was a complete home run.  We were able to cater not only great food and entertainment, but also a warming family atmosphere to a wonderful turnout of archery enthusiasts and supporters.  Of course, this is in no small part due to you, our amazing donors and sponsors.  When you make a donation to us here at the Agawam Bowmen club, you become a partner. You become family. 


We would like to take this opportunity to recognize everyone who helped to make this event so wonderful!


To Savage Arms and Bowtech Archery;  Providing us a top-notch Bowtech bow and many accessories for our raffles not only helps to keep our club functioning financially, but also promotes and sustains the sport of archery.  Thank you!


To Culverine Firearms and Guns and Gear LLC;  Many of our members and patrons are firearm owners.  The sporting accessories and gift card you were so generous to donate were very well received, and sought after.  Thank you!



To E&J Archery;  Thank you very much for the high quality archery equipment you donated.  Deer season is right around the corner, and I know those who won are itching to get out there with some new toys!

7 Kings Highway, Westhampton MA- 413 527 5252


To Headquarters and Bob's Barber shop;  You keep our families and friends looking sharp!  Thank you so much for the gift cards!

Headquarters- 856 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, MA- 413 593 3491

Bobs- 13 Maple St, Agawam, MA- 413 789 6966


To Kris Roberts;  Thank you so much for the beautiful garden basket and picnic backpack!


To Agawam music;  Very much like archery, music inspires youngsters (and adults alike) to not take the fundamentals of our time here on Earth for granted.  Thank you so much for the free lessons you donated!


To Dave's Soda and Pet Food City;  Thank you for your donations.  Even the furry friends were not forgotten this year, thanks to you! 


To the good folks over at Prospect Mountain Campgrounds; Thank you very much for the donation of a two night campground stay.  We're definitely the outdoorsy type!



To Stateline Video Games; Thank you for your donation of a $20 gift card! 


To Finn Scott;  As outnumbered as they are, there sure were a lot of lefties at the pig roast.  Thankfully, your donation of a beautiful left handed bow kept them feeling included!  Thank you!


To Donna Thrower and Tom Faverau;  You guys donate your time, effort, and even your booze!!  Thank you very much for the two wine gift baskets! 

Southwick Pools & More- 413 531 6230 


To Kline View Stables;  Thank you very much for your donation of a free riding lesson.


To Jo-ann Anderson; Your donation of camouflage Christmas stockings was much appreciated.  Although the winners refused to wear them, I was assured we would get a great Christmas card featuring them!


To Pam and Vernon Peabody;  With as much work as your family does for our club, it's quite amazing that you folks still managed to pitch in by donating an amazing rum basket, a wine basket, and a rural child's best friends- a fishing pole and tackle box!  Thank you!


To Another Day, Another Cupcake; Thank you for donating two dozen cupcakes.  I heard the bacon cupcakes were a hit!


To East Hampton Chiropractic;  Thank you for donating a free body alignment.  After that weekend, I'm sure it was well needed!

51 Union St, Easthampton, MA- 413 527 8880


To Brenda and Dean Sudyka;  Thank you so much for donating those pistachio squares, and also for playing such a great set list Dean!  Mutual Abuse rocks!


To Andrew Lawson;  Thank you for donating such a beautiful framed picture for our raffle!


To Tammy Vermes;  Thank you for donating a very pretty necklace set!


To Tollis pizza;  Your $20 gift card was a great raffle prize, and I must say- your pie is some of the best in western Massachusetts.  Thank you!



To Devon Loveli;  Your pictures of our events are always so great!  Thank you for the donation of a free photo session!


To Shirts and Giggles;  Thank you for donating several Agawam Bowmen club shirts, and for providing the winner of our annual pong tournament a trophy shirt to defend next year!



Thank you once again to all who pitched in, helped out, donated, and just plain showed up!  We coudln't have done it without you!


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